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Combating antimicrobial resistance (AMR)

I am a hospital-based expert of infection treatment and prevention. We should make the use of clinical antibiotics more pertinent. Although we have to use antibiotics when we need them, we can not overuse them. We must make a clear the diagnosis of infections and standardize the treatment of infection. While strengthening the administration of antibiotics, we should strengthen the prevention and control of nosocomial infections. This is the most effective measure we have to prevent the development of drug-resistant bacterial infection, block the spread of drug-resistant bacteria, and reduce the damage caused by drug-resistant bacteria. In the process of the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases, microbiological thinking should be established as soon as possible. The most economical and effective way to control AMR is to identify pathogenic bacteria, clarify transmission routes, master epidemiological characteristics of infections, and take scientifically-sound and effective measures related to infection prevention and control.

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