Antimicrobial Resistance Threatens Everyone.

All of us need to be resistance fighters.


Todos tenemos que hacer frente à la resistencia

私たち全員がAMRに 立ち向かう必要があります。

Wir alle müssen gegen Antibiotikaresistenzen kämpfen

हम सभी को रेजिस्टेंस फाइटर होना चाहिए

All of us need to be resistance fighters.

We welcome all individuals and organizations in the fight against antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

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Impact of Antimicrobial Resistance

deaths per year are directly attributable to antimicrobial resistance globally1
of urinary tract infections are not treatable with a regularly prescribed antibiotic2
people in the US receive unnecessary antibiotics for respiratory infections annually3
deaths caused by AMR are projected annually worldwide by 2050, eclipsing 8.2 million for cancer4

An Active Global Community

The Antimicrobial Resistance Fighter Coalition is a bold collective of like-minded organizations, leaders, and individuals united in their commitment to address the threat and burden of antimicrobial resistance.

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Patients And Family Members
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Join our growing number of partners in the fight against AMR.

Learn and Take Action

Antimicrobial resistance is a global issue that can affect anyone, of any age, in any country.
We want to raise your awareness so you can take action.

Why We All Need to Be Antimicrobial Resistance Fighters

In May 2015, the “Global Action Plan” to tackle the growing problem of resistance to antibiotics and other antimicrobial medicines was endorsed by the World Health Assembly. The goal of the plan is to ensure continuity of successful treatment and prevention of infectious diseases with effective and safe medicines that are quality assured, used in a responsible way, and accessible to all who need them.

The 5 objectives outlined in the “Global Action Plan” are to:

Improve awareness icon
Improve awareness and understanding of antimicrobial resistance
Strengthen knowledge icon
Strengthen knowledge through surveillance and research
Reduce the incidence icon
Reduce the incidence of infection
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Optimize the use of antimicrobial agents
Ensure sustainable icon
Ensure sustainable investment in countering AMR

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