Global Health Policy Leaders


As a policy leader using this activation kit, you can:

Inform and educate the public about the risks of AMR.

Push for greater utilization of diagnostic testing for bacterial and viral infections.

Seize the current focus on public health due to COVID-19 to raise awareness of infection prevention and control measures.

Enact policy reform now to protect existing antibiotics and ensure their efficacy in the future.

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Policy Leaders Kit Overview

This activation kit was developed to aid global health policy leaders in taking action against the AMR threat. Inside, you’ll find a blueprint for raising awareness and encouraging global behavior change. You’ll learn how to develop an action plan and work with other entities, including your country’s leadership, to promote and facilitate its implementation.

What’s included

Together we can use these tools to build a movement combating the threat of antimicrobial resistance. Take a look.

Conversation Guides

You can draw from these talking points into your own communications. Start the conversation with these, and check out the complete kit for more.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown how infectious diseases can travel the globe and affect nearly every aspect of our daily lives.

The entire world mobilized to beat COVID. If we’re going to beat AMR, we need to address it the same way.

Antibiotic resistance is not a problem of the future; it is already impacting lives and livelihoods around the globe.

Campaign Materials

Find brief overviews, tips, and tricks for posting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. ARFC has a variety of digital assets and messaging available on our website for you to use on your social media posts. Also included is a sample pitch, which is an email to a journalist that highlights the newsworthiness of your story. Use or adapt it to secure coverage and increase awareness.

Digital Guides

Social Media Messages & Graphics

Media Outreach & Engaging the Media in Your AMR Efforts

Actions to take now

Antimicrobial resistance is a global issue that affects all of us. By creating an action plan on a local, national, or global level you can help influence decision-making and create policies that protect us for generations. Scroll down to download the full Activation Kit to get started.

Tell Your Story

Join the Movement

Engage Your Community

Download the Activation Kit

Access the full activation kit to learn how your organization can develop an action plan, get involved, and become antibiotic resistance fighters.