About the Coalition

Learn what we stand for and how you can help.

Our Vision

We aspire to change behaviors across the globe that will maintain the effectiveness of antibiotics for future generations by increasing awareness of antimicrobial resistance via education, training, and partnerships.

What We Fight For

The Antimicrobial Resistance Fighter Coalition aims to share, amplify, and connect the actions of our supporters and to establish an active global community of like-minded leaders and individuals united by their commitment to combat AMR.

The Coalition commits to:

Increase awareness1
Increase awareness of AMR
Encourage personal resp1
Encourage personal responsibility
Mobilize action1
Mobilize action
Across stakeholders1
Across a wide range of stakeholders

Our supporters commit to:

  • Share knowledge so others pledge to combat AMR
  • Advocate for awareness in their community
  • Build partnerships to amplify their efforts

Get Involved

Antimicrobial resistance is a global issue that can affect anyone, of any age, in any country.
We want to raise your awareness so you can take action.

Be Inspired

See and hear how our coalition members are taking action to fight against AMR.

AMR thought leaders Dame Sally Davies and Lord Jim O’Neill were joined by Gary Cohen, founder of the Antimicrobial Resistance Fighter Coalition, at the launch of the book, “Superbugs: an arms race against bacteria,” at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Gary M. Cohen
Founder, Antimicrobial Resistance Fighter Coalition,
Executive Vice President, BD and President,
BD Foundation

A Letter from Our Founder

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is one of the world’s greatest threats to human health. Mortalities from AMR are projected to reach epidemic levels within our lifetimes, causing 10 million deaths by 2050, more than are caused by cancer today.

Addressing the human health impacts of AMR will require concerted action from health agencies and officials, clinicians, administrators, policymakers, patients and families, working together to address the wide-ranging factors and catalyze behavioral changes needed to combat this insidious threat.

Recognizing this need, we have founded a non-commercial awareness and coalition-building campaign, named the Antimicrobial Resistance Fighter Coalition. Participants in this coalition express their commitment by declaring “I’m a resistance fighter” and describing how they are taking personal responsibility to combat AMR. We invite you to become part of this rapidly growing coalition of leaders and stakeholders.

We hope you will engage in this essential effort to stimulate awareness and mobilization around the urgent need to combat AMR.

We look forward to your participation.

Gary M. Cohen
Founder, Antimicrobial Resistance Fighter Coalition,
Executive Vice President, BD and President,
BD Foundation

Share Your Story and Become an Antimicrobial Resistance Fighter