Healthcare and Policy Organizations


As an organization using this activation kit, you can:

Reinforce messages of responsible antibiotic use and prescribing practices to consumers and healthcare providers.

Enact policy reform now to protect existing antibiotics and ensure their efficacy in the future.

Seize the current focus on public health due to COVID-19 to raise awareness of infection prevention and control measures.

Write letters to decision-makers at all levels and in all sectors to communicate why this should be a priority today, not years from now.

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Healthcare and Policy Kit Overview

This activation kit was developed to help healthcare and policy organizations raise awareness of the AMR threat and encourage global behavior change. Organizations and members can send these tools directly to their membership and partners to increase awareness and encourage action.

What’s included

Together we can use these tools to build a movement combatting the threat of antimicrobial resistance. Take a look.

Conversation Guides

We encourage you to use these talking points in your own communications.

Share info about the risk of drug resistance infections with a few of these starters (and see more in the kit):

Widespread drug-resistant infections have the potential to create a larger and longer impact on global health than COVID-19.

Health policy organizations have a unique opportunity to apply the lessons from COVID-19 to curbing drug resistance.

Antibiotic resistance is not a problem of the future; it is already impacting lives and livelihoods around the globe.

Campaign Materials

This kit provides suggested content and images for social media, giving you the tools to drive awareness and action across all channels.

Digital Guides

Social Media Messages & Graphics

Media Outreach & Engaging the Media in Your AMR Efforts

Creating lasting change

All of us need to be resistance fighters. Antimicrobial resistance is a global issue that can affect anyone, of any age, in any country. By creating an action plan on a local, national, or global level, you can help. Everyone from local decision makers to international coalitions are needed in this fight.

Tell Your Story

Join the Movement

Engage Your Community

Download the Activation Kit

Access the full activation kit to learn how your organization can develop an action plan, get involved, and become antibiotic resistance fighters.