Superbugs and You

True Stories from Scientists and Patients around the World

A Podcast Series

Infections caused by highly drug resistant bacteria or superbugs” are becoming more and more common, making antimicrobial resistance one of the world’s greatest health threats.

This podcast series will address this global crisis through conversations with patients, clinicians, and researchers to discover how superbugs are affecting people and healthcare systems globally. It will highlight actions that the average citizen can take today to make sure the drugs we already have stay effective, in order to protect ourselves, our families, and our communities.

This podcast series is co-developed by CIDRAP and Antimicrobial Resistance Fighter Coalition.

Episode Thirteen: Oh $@%!: Drug-resistant Shigella

Health officials around the world are sounding the alarm on a highly infectious bacteria causing extensively drug-resistant infections. Shigella, which causes the infection known as shigellosis, is a genus of bacteria that results in gastrointestinal distress that ranges from uncomfortable to deadly, in adults and children. Global surveillance efforts on Shigella have identified outbreaks of strains that are extensively drug resistant across the UK, US, and parts of Europe. How is the world dealing with this new superbug?

Episode Fourteen: Arrivederci AMR: Italy and the G7 Presidency

This year, Italy leads the Presidency of the G7. The G7 is united by common values and principles and plays an invaluable role in addressing global challenges, including antimicrobial resistance. In this podcast, hear directly from those in Italy leading efforts to implement effective stewardship and clinical practice in the Italian healthcare system, as well as, how they are driving transformational policy to battle AMR.

Episode Fifteen: Finding a Second Wind: Cystic Fibrosis

Antimicrobials are the cornerstone of modern medicine, and this is especially true for patients with cystic fibrosis. People with CF rely on antibiotics for recurring and persistent infections, and with regular use, antibiotics become less and less effective in fighting these infections. Pseudomonas aeroginosa, the most common culprit in CF infections, is especially notorious for its ability to adapt to and evade antibiotics. Hear from a patient advocate, clinician, and policy leader to better understand the unique challenges that superbugs pose for people battling cystic fibrosis.

Episode Sixteen: From Farm to Label: Antimicrobials and One Health

The interconnection between humans, animals, and the environment is undeniable; our activities have an inherent impact on each other. This reality is especially evident in the case of antimicrobial resistance, which can be attributed to the overuse or misuse of antibiotics in humans, animals, agriculture, and the environment. One Health is a concept that recognizes this interconnection and emphasizes the need for collaborative approaches to solving health issues at all levels. Learn about these connections on this podcast – and what we can do to reduce the risk of AMR.