Superbugs and You

True Stories from Scientists and Patients around the World

A Podcast Series

Infections caused by highly drug resistant bacteria or superbugs” are becoming more and more common, making antimicrobial resistance one of the world’s greatest health threats.

This podcast series will address this global crisis through conversations with patients, clinicians, and researchers to discover how superbugs are affecting people and healthcare systems globally. It will highlight actions that the average citizen can take today to make sure the drugs we already have stay effective, in order to protect ourselves, our families, and our communities.

This podcast series is co-developed by CIDRAP and Antimicrobial Resistance Fighter Coalition.

Episode Five: In the locker room and in the hospital — MRSA

Methicillin-resistant S. aureus (MRSA) is found in the community and in healthcare systems. According to the WHO, hospitalized patients with MRSA infections are 64% more likely to die than people with drug-sensitive infections. MRSA infection rates vary around the world; however, we all have a chance to learn about ways to decrease our risk from this ubiquitous pathogen. In this episode, hear from a patient who battled an infection for years, an infectious disease clinician who shares his daily challenges, and a researcher who using a unique approach to find the next antibiotic.

Episode Six: When antibiotics cause harm — C. difficile

Clostridioides difficile (also known as C. diff or CDI) can cause deadly diarrhea. It is the most common healthcare-associated infection in the United States and rates of infections are rising globally. In this episode, we hear how a young Mom was impacted by the disease, how leading healthcare organizations are driving best practice guidelines, and how the US CDC is tracking this superbug.

Episode Seven: Silent superheroes — antibiotics in the fight against cancer

One in five patients receiving chemotherapy will have a bacterial infection. A recent survey of oncologists showed that 95% of them worry about the impact of superbugs on the future of cancer treatments. In this episode, you will hear directly from a patient who had a resistant infection while fighting cancer, from front-line clinicians, and a researcher driving policy at a national level.

Episode Eight: The Clap claps back — resistant gonorrhea

Neisseria gonorrhoeae is the second most common bacterial sexually transmitted infection in the world, and it has become a superbug. It has developed resistance to every antibiotic currently approved for treatment, and multidrug-resistant strains have been identified globally. Hear from clinicians advocating for their patients, a global leader, and a leading expert in drug development on actions needed to combat resistant gonorrhea.