Resistance Fighter's Story
I’m a resistance fighter™

Combating antimicrobial resistance (AMR)

I have an aunt. Her name is Melek, she is 75 years old. Aunt Melek, like many of her peers in her age, has various health problems. She has a blood pressure, for example, she takes medicine every day. She is a diabetic patient for more than ten years, she was on medication before, now she's injecting insulin. She has rheumatism, her joints hurt; especially if the weather breaks, she can not even move because of her knees pain. Well, of course she doesn't neglect the rheumatism pills. Last week, Aunt Melek had a fever, couldn't even move her arm. Her neighbor brought her a cup of soup and gave an antibiotic that was good for her to recover quickly. Three or five left in the box, but she got already well with three! Now I ask you: If you need to use a medicine among the ones that Aunt Melek uses, which one can harm your treatment? ANTIBIOTICS, of ​​course! Unconscious, uncontrolled, unnecessary antibiotic use brings disaster, not goodness! It causes resistance of bacteria in our body and environment and resistance of bacteria to spread. In short, the antibiotic she gets without consulting a doctor does not only threaten Aunt Melek's health, but also she is a risk to us all! Because infections caused by resistant bacteria are both more difficult and more expensive to treat. In order to protect ourselves, our loved ones and the whole environment, we should have laboratory tests to determine antibiotic susceptibility and should not take antibiotics unless prescribed by a doctor.

Remember: Antibiotics develop either Consciousness or Resistance!

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