Superbugs and You

True Stories from Scientists and Patients around the World

A Podcast Series

Infections caused by highly drug resistant bateria or superbugs” are becoming more and more commom, making antimicrobial resistance one of the world’s greatest health threats.

This podcast series will address this global crisis through conversations with patients, clinicians, and researchers to discover how superbugs are affecting people and healthcare systems globally. It will highlight actions that the average citizen can take today to make sure the drugs we already have stay effective, in order to protect ourselves, our families, and our communities.

This podcast series is co-developed by CIDRAP and Antimicrobial Resistance Fighter Coalition.

Episode One: A global problem close to home

In this episode we discuss the global impact of multidrug-resistant gram-negative bacterial infections. Our guests in this episode will describe the experience of living through, diagnosing, and managing these difficult-to-treat infection.

Episode Two: Stalking the silent killer

Learn about sepsis and the increased challenge of an infection that is caused by a drug resistant microorganism. Our guests will describe the long-term patient experience of surviving and living with a sepsis diagnosis. Discussion topics include current diagnosis and treatment options in the management of sepsis as well as global approaches for new treatments, advocacy, and awareness.

Episode Three: Resistance that spreads through the air

Learn about the global issue of multi-drug resistant tuberculosis or TB. Our guests in this episode will describe living with TB and the difficulty in managing these difficult-to-treat infections. Discussion topics include accessible and affordable treatments, patient advocacy and ways to manage the spread of this highly infectious microorganism.

Episode Four: A future foretold

Learn about the complexity of treating COVID-19 patients, including the challenge of co-infections with drug resistance bacteria. Our guests will describe the patient experience of surviving COVID-19 and critical role of antimicrobial stewardship in managing COVID-19 patients. Discussion topics include how the COVID-19 pandemic potentiates AMR and emerging approaches to surveillance, treatment, and prevention of AMR.