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quote icon For many cancer patients who die from this awful disease, their tumors aren’t solely responsible. In many instances, superbugs sicken these patients, who can’t fight off resistant infections due to weakened immune systems — even with the help of antibiotics. quote icon
- Cynthia L. Sears and Fyza Yusuf Shaikh

What You Can Do

Understanding how AMR impacts modern medicine requires more research. Here are ways you can help take action today:

For Patients

If you are going through cancer treatment, information is power. The first step to protecting yourself is by understanding antimicrobial resistance.

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For Clinicians and Researchers

If you work on the frontlines, you may be seeing firsthand how the rise of AMR impacts treatment for a spectrum of diseases. Learn how to help improve our understanding of AMR and cancer.

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For the Public

Raising awareness of AMR and its link to cancer care is critical to driving change. Learn why AMR is now a global threat and how you can help ensure our leaders are taking this seriously.

Why we all need to care about AMR

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For the Media

AMR is a complex story. As journalists and other members of the media, you are essential to conveying the threat it poses to cancer patients and modern medicine at large.

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