Activate Your Community: Toolkits

You have the power to make lasting change. Use our activation kits to combat antimicrobial resistance.

As a Resistance Fighter, you know that addressing the massive threat to human health caused by antimicrobial resistance (AMR) requires widespread mobilization. But how do we successfully advocate, communicate, and catalyze change across a wide range of advocates? Through effective resources and tools catered to stakeholders who are eager to make change.

Activation Kits


The Antimicrobial Resistance Fighter activation kits were designed to empower and enable you to combat AMR by raising awareness within your professional and personal communities. Below you’ll find kits for three main audiences: Healthcare and Policy Organizations, Global Health Policy Leaders, and Patients and Patient Advocacy Groups.

Activation kit patients

Patients & Patient Advocacy Groups

Activation kit global health

Global Health Policy Leaders

Activation kit healthcare policy

Healthcare and Policy Organizations

What’s in each kit?

Each kit includes an introduction and overview on how the specific audience can use the kit, talking points and messaging, materials to use in digital and news media, specific action items you can take to combat AMR, and resources to use within your community to reach decision-makers.

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Conversation guides
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Campaign materials for sharing
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Local activation ideas
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Additional tools for outreach

Key Messaging and Talking Points

Draw from these messages and talking points in your communications when writing speeches, presentations, and engaging with key stakeholders.

Infographic & Fact Sheets

See the numbers and issues behind drug resistant infections and the way we can make an impact today.

What is AMR?
How to Slow Drug Resistant Infections
Aiming in the Dark
The Global Movement of Microorganisms

Actions to take now

Get social! Our kits include tips, tricks, and customized digital assets to start raising awareness with your social network.
Tips and Tricks for Social Media
Customized Digital Assets – Messages and Graphics

Engage! Each kit includes sample pitches and outreach letters for your specific audience to engage the media in your AMR efforts.

Create a plan! Use our interactive checklist to create an action plan on a local, national, or global level to impact the fight against antimicrobial resistance — a global issue that can affect anyone, of any age, in any country — not only for yourself, but for future generations.

Create your action plan

My Checklist to Combat Drug-Resistant Infections

Simply click the actions you will take today, download the file, and post your plan on your refrigerator, social channels, or date book. Plan to make a change and inspire others to follow!

Click on a checklist to fill out and print or share on social media