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Combating antimicrobial resistance (AMR)

I am a clinical infectious disease physician working in the Department of Infectious Disease in Changi General Hospital, Singapore. I've been involved in the Antibiotic Stewardship Program for the past five years. I'm also quite active in infection control and clinical research. My work in antibiotic stewardship involves auditing the use of antibiotics, in particular carbapenems, especially Meropenem and Imipenem. The pharmacist in the program will go over all the antibiotic prescriptions for the day and recommend ones to review that are potentially not guided by microbiology results. We audit the results and make recommendations for them to possibly step down to other antibiotics. We see compliance to this program and I believe this will be one intervention that will actually decrease the rates of multi- drug resistant bacteria. Because all of us need to be resistance fighters.

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