Resistance Fighter's Story
I’m a resistance fighter™

Combating antimicrobial resistance (AMR)

We must fight to ensure access to and rational use of antimicrobials so that cancer treatment remains effective, and people don’t die from an infection. Advances in cancer care outcomes are at risk due to the threat of AMR. People with cancer are more prone to infections due a compromised immune system and they need access to the right diagnostics and treatment at the right time. In fact, as many as one in five cancer patients being treated are, at some point during their treatment journey, hospitalized due to an infection, and access to antibiotics is critical. As the focal point for AMR with the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), I fight to raise awareness about the growing resistance globally to antimicrobials, including antibiotics – now the leading cause of death worldwide – and the need to improve access to antimicrobials as well as ensure their rational use, so that we continue to see progress in preventing and treating cancer. Because all of us need to be resistance fighters.

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